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Dr Katrina's 4-Week Online Training Program for Puppies & Adolescent Dogs

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TV and celebrity vet Dr Katrina is giving Sourcey subs a $20 membership discount to her new Online Puppy Training Club. (Regular price $119.)

This is Australia’s first interactive online puppy & adolescent dog training program and offers EVERYTHING you need to set your puppy up for life! In fact, the 4-week course offers:

- Weekly videos & info packages
- Problem solving & guidance through issues like toilet training, jumping up, biting/chewing
- Live online Q&As and forums with Dr Katrina & expert dog trainer Kelly Gill... PLUS
- Weekly socialisation tasks AND advanced training videos & tricks

To nab this special offer, just use promo code 'sourcebottle' at the checkout, or get in touch with Dr Katrina today!

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