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Get a hefty discount on a 3mx2m booth @ 'The Healthy Body & Soul Expo' - But only 2 left!

Want an ad like this?

If you're looking for those in the know in the 'Healthy Body & Soul' industry, you're likely to find them staffing a booth at The Healthy Body & Soul Expo, 4-5 October at the St Kilda Town Hall, Melbourne. Particularly since, as a Sourcey sub, youíre entitled to a hefty $100 discount off any 3mx2m booth (only 2 bookings left!!!).

But why should you be scurrying to get involved? Firstly, because itís brought to you by Wishful Events, the organizers of Melbourne's favourite (and highly successful) Women's Expo - GO Festival! (So you KNOW it will be good.) And also because itís going to be fun, with AWESOME keynote speakers, exhibitors, a Massage & Healing Zone, psychics, live entertainment and hands-on workshops!

Get in touch with the team at Wishful Events to secure your booth while you still can. (And tell them SourceBottle said hi!)

PS - GO Festival will be back in March 2015!! Stay tuned.

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