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Pitch your business directly to some of Australia's leading journalists

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This 3-day masterclass gets you crystal clear on your media message, and gives you unfettered access to 8 of the country's leading journalists from top media outlets - print, radio, TV and magazine - to pitch your business directly to each and EVERY ONE of them. The calibre of journalists coming to this event deserve to be introduced to certain calibre of business owner just like you: ready to take a leadership position in your industry and grow your business through the media, delivering your message to a much wider audience than previously imagined.

Click now to hear what leading journalists have to say about spending time with you - and how Wendy Reiner from BalenseSkin generated over $200,000 in sales in a week, following her participation in the event! Secure your place today to ensure you don't miss out: Sydney event 4-6 June & Melbourne on 3-5 September.

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