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Have a BIG, Hairy, Audacious GOAL?

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For most of us, it takes a special something to turn our BIG GOALs into a REALITY. Something spectacular! Trudy Simmons is offering up exactly that at The Spectacular A Business Symposium. Trudy has travelled across the globe curating business and personal development events and has taken the 'best bits' to design a women's event like no other. You'll hear from 11 amazing speakers who will each provide a balance of inspiration, practical knowledge and motivation in their content-rich sessions. You'll then work together to create an ACTION LIST for your individual business. But you won't leave feeling overwhelmed. Instead, you'll leave with new friends and connections, a FB community for accountability and an action list so you always know the next step to up-level your business.

Sound good? It is. Grab your ticket while you still can!

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