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2 Quick Things for Sourcey Subs...

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1. Just letting you know that we've been doing some exciting things behind the scenes with some great brands, and by formally integrating the relationship between SourceBottle & The Media Bag we're able to get 'influencers' (journalists and bloggers) the very BEST products and services to review. We're just about to launch the first of these, so make sure you're signed up so you don't miss out!

2. The 'Expert Profile' feature is now in full swing and we're thrilled with the uptake. Just to let you know that we'll be ending our special annual offer at COB today, so if you'd like us to pitch your profile to journalists and bloggers looking for people with your expertise, AND you want to save 20% ($50) on the annual subscription, nab it while you can TODAY!

Wishing you a great Easter long weekend! (Oh, but we'll be here if you need us. )


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