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'Influencer Outreach' is the New Black

Want an ad like this?

Here's hoping everyone is enjoying a relaxing and wonderful Easter break with family, friends and loved ones.

Just giving you the 'heads up' if you're responsible for influencer outreach in your business, agency or for your clients, I'm running the first of a series of training sessions on just that. Yup, I'll be holding small, intensive masterclass sessions for just 12 people at my one-day training program: 'Influencer Outreach: How to Create, Manage & Measure a Winning Campaign.'

You'll learn about:
- Influencers: How to reach, engage and tap their clout (including exploring the value of 'influence models' and 'social scoring')
- The Campaign: The ‘ins and outs’ of a winning campaign – what you do, and DON’T
- Measurement: Tying influencer performance with business drivers
- Influence pathways: Their impact on decision making & the purchasing life cycle

If this appeals to you, you can nab a ticket right here!

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