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Host A Podcast? What If I Can't Listen To It?

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I'm at work. I don't have access to audio. I'm hearing impaired... What about me? People consume content differently. Some prefer to listen. Others prefer to read. Cater for both. Get your podcasts transcribed quickly, professionally and cost effectively by Bridies Typing Services. Not only will you increase your podcast's reach by catering for everyone’s needs, Sourcey subs get a 15% discount on your first transcript (max audio duration 90 mins)! Bridie’s a gun at transcribing ANY and EVERY audio recording and by doing that she’ll help your audience consume it faster and in a format that works for them. Bridie also guarantees to meet the agreed deadline (or she won't charge you a cent) AND your audio receives a second listen-through for accuracy.

Don’t delay. Convert your audio to text so EVERYONE can enjoy it. Book in at Bridies Typing Services today!

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